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    ~ Pratahswar ~
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    ~ Spiritual Morning ~
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    ~ Bolava vitthal ~
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    ~ Shashwat ~
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    ~ Heartbeats ~

Pancham Nishad

Incorporated in 1996, with the objective to showcase the rich heritage of musical talent of India, Pancham Nishad Creatives Pvt. Ltd. has, till date, organized and managed several cultural events, particularly concerts of Indian Classical Music throughout India. Some of the mega stars like Bharat Ratna Pandit Ravi Shankar, Bharat Ratna Ustad Bismillah Khan, Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, etc. have performed under Pancham Nishad’s aegis.

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Upcoming Events


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Sr.    Event Name Date
1 Pratahswar(73rd) 25.10.15
2 Dhawal Nisha 27.10.15
3 Chintamani Jayanti     09.11.15
4 Vartamaan 14.11.15
5 Pratahswar(74th) 22.11.15
6 Pratahswar (75th) 13.12.15
7 Sivana 18.12.15 to 19.12.15
8    Samantar 02.01.16 to 03.01.16

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It’s Your Event


Customize it

Your event is not just event its your identity. Call us and we can help you to create your event in your own style.

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Ace Publications


More from Us

Ace Publications & Promotions Pvt. Ltd. has published books such as ‘Pathfinders’ and the recently launched culture-book on the Abhangwani and Warkari tradition titled ‘Bolava Vitthal’ besides a weekly called ‘Every Tuesday’ for Pacham Nishad Creatives Pvt. Ltd. It has also hosted ghazal events in the past featuring Hariharan, Jaswinder Singh, Kavita Seth and Bhupinder & Mitali Singh to name a few.

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